Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rancho Santa Fe Library Zentangle My Book Page

Today was a fantastic fun day at the Rancho Santa Fe Library in San Diego, Cali.  The class today was a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) class.  "Zentangle Found and Tangled".

All 24 students found a phrase/poem/collage of words on an "old" book page and then created some "tangles" (that is what we call Zentangle patterns",  around our chosen words.


Then we added ... Color

(Many pics are not the finished product - I had to leave before they finished.  I wonder if it was dark when they left?  LOL

After adding watercolor pencils to their tangles, they ventured to "the table" with all the paints/lace/brushed/frames/ribbon and tons of other fun things to bling up your Zentangle Found and Tangled.  LOVED THE ADDED TOUCH Debbie.

Below is Debbie, the adult program associate for Rancho Santa Fe Library.  Thank you for bringing all the "extra" flair of scrap goods to continue the project after class.  The projects came out beautiful with your added supplies.  

A side story:  This is Sylvia and her Mom, Barbara. Both come to many of my Zentangle classes.  Sylvia told me she listen to the radio and always often wins prizes from calling in at the perfect time.  She recently won a trip to Hawaii -- I know  - lucky duck.  Sylvia took her Mom with her and they shared today their recent memory of the trip to Maui - matching tattoo's of a Honu (that means turtle in Hawaiian).  That is so adorable.  My daughter and I have thought about doing the same, but we are chicken of the needle.  FYI - Barbara said it didn't hurt?  Maybe she forgot to add "much"?  LOL  You go girls.  





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