Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Rancho San Diego Library finds a Tortoise.

What a fun class today at Rancho San Diego library in East County San Diego, California.  A community room full of 23 eager students wanting to know "what in the heck is Zentangle"?

I love that most students come to find out what that funny word is.  Zentangle was started by the co-founders (Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas) as a meditative art method.  Rick being a Monk for 15 years in India knows all about meditation.  Maria is an illustrator and knows all about drawing and patterns.  Together they created a system or process to take the hard out of art.

I shared a basic, original Zentangle tile today then we applied our pattenrs (we call them tangles) to our next project - a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Typically Zentangle art is abstract to help with the meditation process.  I teach more than 30 different classes and today our 2nd project was - Zentangle Tortoise.

add some garden tangles and wha la

Fun part of class is looking at everyone's finished project.  All the same, but with their own flair of personality. 

Thanks for starting your Zentangle journey with me today.

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