Sunday, July 8, 2018

Museum of Man

I love teaching Zentangle classes at the Museum of Man, in San Diego Balboa Park, California.

This was my third Zentangle Postcard class I have taught at the Museum of Man.  I have one more class scheduled on 8/1/18 @ 11:00-12:00 ( hoping to add more).

The Zentangle Postcard class went hand-in-hand with another exhibit of Frank Warren's POSTSECRETS at the museum.

Ten years ago, Frank started handing out postcards to folks and asking them to write down their "dark secret" and mail them back to him.  Frank received thousands of postcards monthly. Frank would select and arrange a composition of secrets for his award-winning blog.

To date, the project received over a million submissions, some of which have been displayed at the White House and featured in six best-selling books.  The concept is that you are not alone in your secrets. When you write down that dark secret and let go of it, your shoulders relax and that secret held over your head for so long, isn't so hurtful anymore.

Today, 15 students "new to The Zentangle Method", found out why people call it a secret gem.  Even, Felipe, a museum associate that sat in on class, was surprised how interesting Zentangle was.

Did you know what every third Tuesday of the month is FREE DAY at the Museum of Man for San Diego county/city residence?  Click below for details.

After completing their first Zentangle tile, the students were given the choice to write their darkest secret and take postcard upstairs to the Postsecret box at exhibit, mail it to Frank, or mail to a loved one with a note of your own.  Mine below, was meant for a far away family member.

Even this 1-2 year old child got to try his hand at drawing.

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