Sunday, July 29, 2018

Traveling with Zentangle @ Lakeside Library

 The summer reading program at the city/county libraries this summer is "Reading takes you everywhere".  Our Zentangle project today was a VW Bus.

We hopped on our VW Bus and "tangled" our way to a fun day.  Lakeside Library is a small quaint library, but today we had a BIG turnout to start our Zentangle journey.  The front room of the library was full of 23 students waiting to get on board the magical bus and learn about Zentangle.

This is the Lakeside Library in San Diego (East County), California.

If you come to visit this library - you might stop by Lindo Park behind the library.

Because of Zentangle being a meditative art method, typically Zentangle is black and white.   When you start adding color - you have to decide on what type of color media, what colors, where to put the colors, how many colors.  This takes away from the just simple basic Zentangle method - drawing structured patterns.  

However, a little color goes a long way.  The patterns speak for themselves - a little color is all you need.  Today we colored just the sunset. 

This lovely couple had a British accent, but I didn't get to ask them where they were from.

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