Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Allied Garden Library Teens Fell Into Fall Today

Allied Garden Library, San Diego, California, sits adjacent to a school.  Many of the libraries have  programs for kids after school.  Time to do their homework and often schedule classes for the kids to partake in until parents can pick them up.

Today, was my sixth Zentangle class for the teens at this library.  Thank you for scheduling classes Kathryn, library branch manager.  FYI, usually, the library shares a healthy snack at class. Wish the libraries were this user friendly when I was young.  So many activities to embark on and at no fee.  If you haven't done so, check out your local library on the Internet and see the events posted.  Often the libraries have an assigned person to help kids with homework time.

September 21st was the first official day of fall.  Of course, I bring the pumpkins out to start the fall holidays.  Typically a basic Zentangle tile is a black and white abstract tile (no up no down, no top no bottom).  Zentangle is a meditative art method.  When you add color, you have to think more- what type of color, what color, how many color, where to put the color.  More thought process.  That is why Zentangle takes the HARD out of art.  All you need to do is select (tangles) patterns.

One of the many classes I teach goes beyond basic.
Todays project was a ZIA ( Zentangle Inspired Art).
This "tangle" was creating a fall greeting card with the Zentangle Method.No Art Experience Necessary - I mean Zero!  So easy to do

Class was posted for teens, but adults (if room) can also attend. We had nine kids, and nine adults today at this workshop.  There is always something new to learn from a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  New patterns, embellishments, shading.  Instead of shading today,  we used colored pencils for a hint of color.  Usually you don't need much color on Zentangle art.  The tangles are pretty bold and speak for themselves. 

Side story:  Before class, a boy popped his head in the community room where I was setting up and saw the Hershey kisses at each seat.  He asked if he could have a candy.  I said "if you stay for the class" yes.  I think he came back for the chocolate, but enjoyed the class.  Below is his art piece and of course, he gave his card to his Mom.  
Here are a couple of the kids cards.

I just retired as a hairdresser July 1st and said good bye to many clients of more than 30 years.  So nice to see Teresa again, a wonderful friend and client.   By the way, Teresa has the best hair ever.  Teresa brought her sister-in-law, Pam.   This was Pam's first time being introduced to Zentangle. 
Below is Pam's art work.  She thought she would leave her piece just black and white.   before color and after adding a hint of color.  A little color goes a long way.  I call it a highlight   I suggested just a light color to highlight your work.  What do you think, with or without color?  Either way, beautiful.

Another student today was Kathy.  She fell in love with Zentangle at another library class and has attend many classes.  I like to see my students return to another class and bring friends.   Kathy brought her adorable, cute as a button friend, Cheryl (I think was her name).   Sorry I didn't get a picture.  Cheryl liked Zentangle because like many folks - art seems hard.  I shared how Zentangle takes the pressure away.  

Happy Fall everyone! 

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