Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Poway Tangles With Shane, Andrea and Allison

What a delightful Zentangle class I was asked to teach at Shane's beautiful home in Poway, California.   She was so kind to make a birthday class for her friends.  They all were newbie's to the art method and is always fun to watch the "ah ha" moment when they get it.  Zentangle is relaxing and psssst… it is also FUN FUN FUN

The view from her home.

Shane had a kind heart.  She spends her time when she isn't caring for her 98 year old mother, caring for doggie's that no one wanted.  This was her beautiful golden retriever she rescued and got lucky to get to stay with this woman with the "golden" heart.  He enjoyed the class too (okay, he enjoyed us all being with him for the morning).  

Andrea brought her little dog over to have a play day too. when she arrived, she put a diaper on her dog.  I had never saw a dog with a diaper on before.  I guess when you go visiting, it is a nice gesture to do just incase of accidents.  This diaper took care of the one part of doggie dog, but unfortunately she also needed one on the other end.  But all was okay, Shane was very used to dogs and they dealings.


I shared the Zentantgle Method with the ladies today as they learned the history, philosophy and basic method to create a Zentangle tile.  

Shane, Alison, and Andrea

Thank you ladies for spending a delightful Sunday morning with me and starting your Zentangle journey. 

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