Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lakeside library found angels today 

Eight lovely ladies joined me to bring angels to the Lakeside Library in San Diego County.  Love watching the other patrons at the library as they walk by looking at my screen as I instructor the students.  Zentangle is so easy. This simple mason jar lid holiday ornament was fun to create and a great housewarming gift or attach as gift ornament.

I brought my Step-Mom, Sharon to help with glue gun today. Didn't want any injury's from that HOT glue. Those things are dangerous.


The first ornament below, was by a woman that thought she couldn't complete an art project. She said her hands didn't work well enough to draw or her anxiety level keep her from trying.  Love to prove those folks wrong.  Anyone can create Zentangle art and during the process, relax, focus and enjoy the moment.  I love her art piece.

One student was going to use mason lid for the top of a mason jar with hot chocolate mix inside.  Great idea.  Below is Sylvia's ornament.  She wanted to be an animator when she was young.  I love her faces on her work at some my classes.  Adorable.  You missed your calling girl.

The student in the center with her holiday hat on, just happened to be at the library at the right time, and found out - SHE LOVED ZENTANGLE. 


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