Monday, December 3, 2018

The Gift of Zentangle

Give yourself/friend/family the Gift of Zentangle this year?  The days are getting cooler, and the holidays are right around the corner.  Although most of us enjoy the holidays, they can be a stressful!  How do you manage the stress?

What is Zentangle?  Zentangle is a meditative art, using structured patterns that look intricate and complicated, yet easy enough for kids to complete.   Created by Rick Roberts (a Monk for 14 years in India) and Maria Thomas, a calligrapher/illustrator, they created a new method to take the hard out of art.     NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! 

What are the Benefits of Zentangle?   Many of my students have told me how Zentangle has helped them.  Zentangle will change your life in some way when you start your Zentangle journey.
It’s been proven that Zentangle Method benefits the following. 

·         Relaxation & Stress Relief             

·         Mindfulness

·         Focus

·         Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Empowerment

·         Enhanced Awareness

·         Others have also seen benefits using Zentangle as a supporting therapy for anxiety relief,         fear of flying, Insomnia, anger management, addiction therapy, eating disorders, Attention    Deficit, PTSD, cancer treatment therapy, bereavement, negative self -image, autism,              memory care and more.
Janet Masey is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), trained by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle, in Providence, Rhode Island USA.

Janet has been sharing The Zentangle Method since June 2014.  She has taught over 10,000 kids/women/men/seniors till December 2018.  Janet teachers throughout the San Diego area.

When will your Zentangle journey start?  Let's schedule a class for you.

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