Saturday, January 19, 2019

Skyline Hills Library gets tangled up in The Zentangle Method  

Today at Skyline Hills Library (San Diego, California) - about 20 students got tangled up in The Zentangle Method.  What a beautiful library.  

I have to give a big thanks and shout out to the Friends of the Library for making this class possible for me to share Zentangle. If you haven't done so, you can join your Friends of the Library and help keep classes likes these available.  For seniors, it is only $5.  Typically my classes are $35 per person, but with help of the non-profit libraries, I am able to reach those that typically can't afford classes.
                                                 Thanks again Friends of the library

Skyline Hills scheduled three series of Zentangle Classes.
#1 - Introduction to The Zentangle Method.
#2.  Beyond Basic Zentangle  (February 16th @ 10:30)
#3.  Spring Bunny in a Basket class  (March 23 @ 10:30)

Today's "tangles" (that what the patterns are called) were:  part of Henna Drum, Flux, Printemps, Diva Dance and the big challenge for first Zentangle class was:  Huggins. 

Below is David's art work.  I love his Flux.  Just because the tile (that is what we call the paper we draw on) is small, 4 x 4, our patterns don't have to be small.  It is all about texture with Zentangle.

Admiration time:   ohhh ahhhh.  

Thanks to Kim Laru, President (right), Friends of Library Skyline Hills.

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