Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Courage" Diva Challenge #171

This week's challenge was very emotional - COURAGE.   Many of the other posting were folks talking about someone they new battling for the ultimate fight (for their life).  Many stories brought tears to my eyes, Survival is involuntary and we all strive to get thru.  It's the climb, but sometimes we fall.

 Thank you Diva for sharing this wonderful organization I was unaware of -  BEADS OF COURAGE
                                                           These are her sons beads.
 which provides an arts in medicine program for children going through serious illness. Glass beads, each representing a different treatment milestone, are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment.  Never forget the journey and this makes it very visual to see how far you have come and to help friends and family see the climb of courage.

See other stores on courage at the Diva Challenge @ http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/


  1. A very nice Zia, in support for Beads of Courage!! :0) Share Humanity

  2. I think this is lovely and so very original.