Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Diva Challenge: #170 UMT "Bugle"

Each week I can hardly wait to check my computer on Monday morning
to see what the new Weekly Diva Challenge is. I've been tangling since April 2013.   
 I'm a newbe (since Feb) to blogging, super new to the Diva Challenge (just a couple months) 
plus,  this is my very first UMT (use my tangle) challenge.  
I kept looking at this challenge. Hmmmmm
 I haven't tried this particular pattern "Bugles" by Joyce Evans.
What I finally saw was a waterfall.  So hence, my tropical waterfall look of patterns. 
I took my finished tile outside to one of my water fountains and got a nice shadow from
 my palm trees across it. They don't call me Tiki Tangles for nothin'...
 Thanks Joyce for a fun pattern.
Please check website to see other tiles created by amazing folks that love Zentangle.


  1. This is lovely! Nice use of color and balance of patterns. Yes, it is a beautiful waterfall. :)

    Be happy,

    Jacque S.

  2. Love the colours in the waterfall, your bugles make me think of eating an ice cream cone next to that waterfall :) Linda x

  3. So creative - and taking the pictures in the dappled shadows was such a fitting idea - perfect.

  4. what a fun and creative tile - never would have imagined the waterfall but it works beautifully.

  5. Beautiful tropical looking tile :)

  6. Beautiful with those colors, and you are right, it looks like a waterfal. Looks very tropical.....

  7. What beautiful colors and layout for this tangle of bugles. Very well done and enjoyed looking at it.

  8. Your colors are striking and the idea with the waterfall is very creative.

  9. Thank you for using my tangle, Bugles. That was a good idea to use it as a waterfall. It turned out great with the idea to use your own trees to add shadows.

  10. Pretty and colorful!!
    ~ Diane Clancy