Saturday, June 21, 2014

Zentangle Seminar Pen Bag

One evening at Zentangle Seminar, we had an extra class of Zentangle on Fabric. 
This is my pen bag with my tangles.  You can pretty much put tangles on anything.
 On the plane ride home -- Susan and I tangled in the SKYMALL magazine.
  I left a message on my pages I decorated... Zentangle - try it !!! 
A fun story on the plane out to RI, the woman next to me wanted to know what we were doing
 (of course we were tangling) she wanted my number so she could have her friends over and learn.  On the way home, a young woman sitting next to us, ask about what we were doing and we shared.  She was an artist and she showed us some art pic she had on her phone and it looks very
 similar to Zentangle, black and white and segments. 
I told her she HAD to look it up a CZT when she got back to Chicago.
  Now that was fun. Not many folks know about Zentangle but they are all intrigued.

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