Tuesday, August 25, 2015

San Diego Oasis First Open House

Monday 8/24.  What a great turn out for San Diego Oasis first ever open house.   Oasis is a place for 55 and older to take many wonderful classes.  All the teachers/instructors were at this event and shared their up coming classes in the new semester !!!  Oasis gave away free tote bags and coffee/cookies/cupcakes/pastries and lots of information.

Zentangle® Art Method was a big hit.  If you can write your name - you can learn Zentangle Art Method. That's me at the easel sharing the most amazing thing I've ever been introduced to.  I think a lot of the observers today had the same "ahhhh" moment. 

 Here are some very curious folks to learn Zentangle.

One of the students did her own design on the bookmark demo.  Awesome !!!  After this demo, lots of folks want a Introduction to Zentangle Class. Check my blog classes.

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