Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sukura Micron Pen Tip

I mention this info in my Zentangle Introduction classes but it is a lot to take in those two hours.

Sukura invented Microns as an inexpensive and diposable alternative to high-priced technical pens.  The micron are best used on paper.  The nibs are essentially "micro size plastic tubes" which allow pigment ink to easily flow from barrel to paper.  If a foreign matter clogs tubes, the ink gets blocked. 

Microns are designed to held at a 90 degree angle  (like a technical pen), not a normal writing implement.  Also, they need to be used with a very light touch.  You will know if you are holding too tight if your hand cramps or the nib bends/breaks off.  You can help this by switching to a thicker nib size (instead of 01 try a 05) and using lighter hand pressure when drawing.


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