Thursday, April 21, 2016

Corporations Need To Tangle

I had the opportunity to teach the Zentangle Art Method as a "wellness day" class
for a corporation today.  You can see in their smiling faces. 
You don't get "it", till you do "it".
The phrase on the wall above them says it all.

Sixteen same tiles, yet individual flair with their own interpretation of my instruction.  Good job ladies.  I heard they want another class.  Next time, let's get the men from the company in here.  This isn't a craft, it is an art. Guys love it as much as the ladies.  I heard that this company has hard working employees, and they often don't take time for lunch.  They need Zentangle to the help them focus, relax, de-compression with tangling on those days you need a break from the stress. 

More tangles await them in their next class. 

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