Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three Generations and Tangles

This morning in San Diego, the weather was bright and gorgeous. Weatherman said rain by 5:00pm. Really, it's so pretty outside?  For all of you folks that get rain often -- RAIN IS A BIG DEAL IN SAN DIEGO. If it is going to rain, the news starts off with that because it NEVER rains in southern California (isn't there a song about that?). 

With California's water drought, the news is all about the rain we "might" get, when, how much, how long it will last (never long enough) and  the city almost stops with hopes of it.  At work, the topic of discussion is all the bout the rain and we drag our jackets out of the back of the closet.  We just usual don't need a jacket in San Diego. Yes, we have wonderful weather. The downside is we have a water drought.  The city's watering rule -  you can only use your sprinklers 2 times a week for 5 minutes at each station.  That just isn't enough to keep grass green or flowers happy.

(A quick side story about rain.   I was visiting my relatives in Washington State, where they get rain almost everyday - a beautiful mist that you can hardly hear.  My hubby and I were in line to pay with the "locals" at a grocery store.  We were admiring the huge glass area where you could see all the giant cedar, spruce, evergreen pine trees outside (note to self.... there is a reason that the trees are so GREEN). 

All of a sudden,  it started to pour.   Tom and I were doing the "ohhh, ahhh, wow look at it rain" like all the Californian's do when we see it... (and yes, I can be dramatic sometimes).  Not gonna lie,  we were being loud, it was so exciting to see something so rare from our "neck of the woods".  The "local" lady in front of us turned around and said "you not from around here right?".  So funny.

Back to my delimma.  Do I have my Zentangle class from 3-5 in my colorful backyard,  because It never rains in California OR be safe and bring it inside?  Since Zentangle tiles and water do not match -I brought the class inside today.

Today I had the pleasure to teach grandmother, daughter, granddaughter and last minute (nice surprise) Nancy.  I have taught several classes to multi-generations.  Learning something new together gives you that bond of like minds and speak the same language.  The age difference is no big deal with Zentangle art.  I enjoyed watching them sharing "fun" during the class.  This also works with corporate classes.  Someone you might not usual talk to, Zentangle breaks down that barrier.  You now have a common interest and it opens the door to team building.

Nancy, Sophia (14), Samantha and Deborah
At least we got to go outside for a photo......AND not one drop of rain during the class.
It did finally rain that night at 10:30pm.  ahhhhhhhh my plants were in heaven.
So bring on the moisture and let it rain.... 
This is Zentangle official tangle called MSST - appropriate for today to post.
Ladies, I forgot to include in my instructions today   WARNING: Zentangle can be addictive. 

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