Sunday, January 15, 2017

City Heights Weingart Library San Diego California Zentangle Class

                           Wednesday,  January 11th, City Heights Weingart Library in San Diego.

This evening, I shared the Zentangle Art Method with ten lucky kids and adults at the library.  I've been teaching Zentangle classes since June 2014, and I yet to have more than one or two student raise their hands when I've ask "who know what Zentangle is"? 
Because of the adult coloring books, more folks are becoming more aware of patterns.  By the way, many of the coloring books have been written by many Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Tthe books are an extension of drawing structured patterns, just like the Zentangle Method.  I tell my students to create their very own personalize coloring pages with the Zentangle patterns.
               And yes I have a class to learn just that  (check out my class icon on home page!!!
After completing the paperwork, background check, fingerprinting, etc, - I'm happy to have been accepted on the library PERFORMERS LIST.   So grateful that the City/County have found this art method interesting enough to compensates me for my services so many folks can attend my classes at no charge. I've taught many class for the libraries in 2016 and lots more scheduled for 2017. 
The difference in an individual class and the library class is you won't receive a mini kit with supplies to take home (I loan them to you), and we complete only one tile (that's what we call the paper we draw on), but you still get same information and great class experience with a Certified Zentangle Teacher that has been trained by the co-founders that designed the art method - Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Check out the orginal website:
Thanks Jennifer, the Branch Manager at City Heights Weingart Library, for setting up a Zentangle Introduction Class for the folks that frequent your library.  I had a great time sharing this art method with all that attended. 
The library wrote up a nice advertisement for their patrons.
And whalaaaaaa....  Didn't they do great (below)?  We had grandparent with granddaughter, a man and women "couple", young lady, young man, Muslim Mom and two daughter, Jennifer, the Library Manager sat in class again, and my favorite little guy, Anthony, he was 10.  After class he was the first one to ask "where can I have another class"?  I got handshakes and lots of questions about classes - they all wanted to learn more.  That's exactly how I felt, April 2015, my first Zentangle class.  I was one of those people that never did "art" because it was hard.  Zentangle takes the hard out of art.  I LOVE IT. 
                                Best Part NO ART EXPERIENE NECESSARY
If you could do me a favor, if you have taken a class and learned about Zentangle Art Method and think the art form is new, exciting, and something folks need to experience (even if just one class), share the word and let's get more and more folks into creating Zentangle Art and during the process the added benefit is.... you relax and de-stress.
Tangle on my friends.
All the same yet different with individaul flair.

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