Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

I brought the new year in with our three grandaughters, Lilly 5, Elle 8 ,Chloe 10, my hubby, Tom Tom, and daughter, Crystal.  We had a sleepover with Beat the Parents game (the parents lost), spaghetti dinner, movie "It's a Pet's Life", and of course cowbells, horns, party hats, sparkling cider in fancy glasses, and rain at midnight.  Yes, I said rain, here in San Diego.  It is so rare that we maybe get 2 inches the whole year, and I think we had 3/4 inch this evening. 

Only three out of six of us diehards made it to midnight.  It was the grandkids first time bringing in the new year   Thank you rain Gods for letting up at midnight so we could celebrate the new year in the front yard.  Thanks to my step mom Sharon,  next door neighbor,  for the contribution of "cowbells".  Those dang things are loud. 


I hope you all continue to tangle and create some beautiful Zentangle pieces this year. 
I have lots of classes coming up in the new year and hope you join me for a class or two. 
Check out my classes at the top of the home page. 
If you haven't started your Zentangle journey yet..... 
come and join the rest of us and hop into the amazing world of Zentangle.

  You don't get it, till you do it.

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