Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Lacey, Washington

On January 23rd, I was visiting my family in Olympia, Washington.  Claire, my niece, asked if I would  teach a Zentangle class for her 3rd graders.  She had mentioned that her class has 13 "busy" boys in the class. I assured her I could create a quite time while "tangling".
As soon as we started our Zentangle project, all  the children were quiet and engaged in this new, unique art method.  I think the part kids like about Zentangle, is there are no mistakes, no erasers. 
After class is my favorite part about teaching kids.  Being a hairdresser as well as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, this one 3rd grade boy stood out. He had shaved both sides of his hair and bright orange long hair on the top. His question to me was "is your phone number on your information you gave us?  I want to call you about Zentangle.  I really like it."

Some of the other statements after class from the other kids:
Can we do another one?
Will you come back?
Can we make up our own "tangles"?
This was fun.
I assured them I had left a Zentangle project with Mrs. Harrison and she has had a class from me and can share all that she has already learned.  Claire told them she had a book and would work with them on more Zentangle art. 
Thanks Claire, loved your classroom and mostly the kids. 

 About the time I started tangling... my Mom requested a Zentangle girl to hang in her bathroom.  This was the piece she still has I did for her four years ago.


Here is a fun extra item.... Look at this hairdo !!!

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