Friday, April 28, 2017

Zentangle and a BBQ Lunch

One of my favorite classes to teach Zentangle Art Method to is - KIDS.  Today I taught my oldest Grandaughter, Chloe's, 4th grade class at Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, California.  When the kids came in from recess, the room was filled with soft slack key Hawaii music in the background.   You could almost hear the waves rolling into the beach as they began their Zentangle journey. This art method is a great way to calm down kids when they come back into the classroom.

For children, this new unique art method is fabulous because there are no mistakes, no erasers.  If you can draw a straight line and circle, you can complete any Zentangle project.  KIDS LOVE ZENTANGLE (psst... so do adults).

Art can be intimidating.  Zentangle was designed to take the hard out of art and I prove that every time I teach a class.  Each class leaves you thirsty for more.

Today I introduced the basic Zentangle art.  We drew a basic "tile" with three "tangles".  Then, with the kiddo's, I like to apply the tangles to something fun.  The teacher, Mrs. Sipe wanted the kids to draw a peacock.  Below you can see the before and after pic of Mr. Peacock. Twenty nine happy faces when we finished.  

The best part was it was BARBECUE DAY at Holmes School.  After class, Chloe and I had BBQ with all the other kids.  Yeehaw !!! I love me some BBQ. 


I took this picture of the peacock last weekend at the San Diego Zoo. 
Aren't they pretty?  He really put on a show of us.
This is one of my three grandaughter, Ms. Chloe.....  isn't she beautiful? 

                                   The kids always give a "THUMBS UP" to Zentangle.

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