Monday, May 1, 2017

Holmes Elementary School and More Zentangle Art

Today, I was asked to revisit Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, California.  This was my
third class at this school to share my love of Zentangle Art Method to a yet another classroom.
Mrs. Mueller, the forth grade teacher, contacted me in hopes I could share this unique art with her classroom.  I asked what her classroom was learning about at this time. She mentioned they were learning about the Star of India.  In fact, they will be going on a field trip next week to see the magnificent ship..  Perfect, I designed a Zentangle project to incorporate my art work with their lesson plans.

Image result for star of india boat

Factoid:  Star of India was built in 1863.  Is now a seaworthy museum ship home-ported at the Maritime Museum of San Diego in San Diego, California. She is the oldest ship still sailing regularly and also the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship still floating.

One eye opening part of the class was when the bell rang for lunch and I told the kids, "sorry about running a little late", they said "it's okay" (I think they were enjoying the project). The kids stayed 15 more minutes.   We finished the ship and the teacher gave them their lost time we used up tangling. Thanks Mrs. Muller for the team work!

Mrs. Muller's class was well behaved and a joy to teach.  I have to say, as usual, the kids get quiet when we draw the structured patterns.  When you put pen to paper, you get out of your head.  That is the beauty of Zentangle Art Method.  During the process of drawing, you focus, relax and get into a state of well-being - a happy place. 

Twenty-eight students, 28 happy, proud of their work, students.  I got a thumbs up rating after we put all the kids art work on the floor and I could take a picture.  A favorite part of the class is to see each other's work.  One student told me he added a couple cartoon caricatures on one of the sails.  He   wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up.  I love the stories the kids share.


That's me and Mrs. Muller, the teacher.  Even Mrs. Muller gave the Zentangle class a thumbs up !!! 
She is thinking of having me back next year (and possibly before the end of this school year).  
Mrs. Muller had a "zen" quality to her aura.  I liked her the moment I saw her. 
If this post left you wanting a class for your room  or group.- just email me.
 Let me set up a class for you.  Check with your principal/PTA or other funds you have access to. 
Some teacher collect a nominal fee from each student to pay for the class.
Maybe an afterschool program would be the way to incorporate art back in the school.
Hope to hear from you soon !

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