Monday, February 5, 2018

J-raff Pattern by Janet Masey, CZT

Living in San Diego, California, I am lucky to be able to visit the world famous SD Zoo often. My inspiration for my Zentangle pattern was created by a trip to the Zoo.   Zentangle patterns are everywhere at the Zoo.   I am fascinated by the markings on the animals fur, especially the Giraffe's.  Their markings are unique to each giraffe, their own "fingerprint".

Every time you draw J-raff, it will look a little different, it's own fingerprint.  When I draw this tangle, I think of fitting a puzzle together without touching or connecting.

J-raff is a simple tangle you can enhance with shading/filling in between spots, or opposite - darken the spots. When you fill in the spots, you bring depth to a tile.   I always try to have 1/3 depth/darkness to each tile for contrast. You can also enhance each individual spot with a design.  Use J-raff as border, or any size, shape section on your tile.

I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in June 2014.  I have been lucky to share The Zentangle Method to 7,000 students (kids, teens, men, women and seniors) between 6/14 to 12/17. You can find me teaching at many different venues throughout the San Diego area (see classes on home page for locations/dates/times).  I am very passionate about sharing this new, unique method that not only creates amazing art, but is also helpful to folks in many different ways:   emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Have you started your Zentangle journey yet.

Let me introduce you to J-raff

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