Tuesday, February 6, 2018

University Community Library and Zentangle Zendala


Relaxed, calm and focused today at University Community Library in University City, San Diego, California.  The Zentangle Zendala class was quite the hit at this library.  Zentangle founders design their own hybrid of a Mandala - Zendala.  

Mandala translation means circle. Mandala represents the universe, often representing a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Budddism.   Mandala examples can be found in art, architecture, religious imagery, Zendala is a Mandala filled with patterns.

Fifteen folks gathered for this Zentangle Zendala class today. We complete a tan tile, using black, brown, and white pens. 

Hey - there is Judy and I.  Thanks for pic Judy

Thank you Melissa for asking me to share Zentangle today for the library.

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