Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I Heart Lakeside Library

What day is coming up?  Come on, a little hint:  red/pink/chocolate/hearts/love?   You guessed it - Valentine's Day.  I remember one year, I didn't have a "special" someone, so I made Valentine's cards and sent to  my friends that also were without. That was many many years ago and that was the Valentine's Day that I remember well.

Zentangle class was at Lakeside Library, East County of San Diego, California. The library is located next to a beautiful park with a lovely lake and lots of fowl to watch as you walk around the area.    FYI - a new location and brand new library is coming to Lakeside by 2020.  Whoo hoo.

Another rainy day in San Diego.  When it rains here, the news is all about the weather.  Let me tell you … driving the 38 miles to class, all I could see were the tops of the cars next to me.  Wow  Six braved the weather to join me.  We created a Zendala in the round for some lucky person for Valentine's Day.

Typically, Zentangle tiles are black and white, keeping it more simple and relaxing.  When you add color, you have to think, what type of color pen/pencil, how many colors, where do I put the colors.  I do tell students that the Zentangle patterns speak for themselves.  When adding color, a little goes a long way.  We added just a hint of pink sharpie pen to the piece today.  

Make someone's day with a personalize Valentine's Day Card.

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