Sunday, February 3, 2019

Oak Park Library Meets Zentangle

Oaks Park Library in San Diego, California was introduced to The  Zentangle Method. Gotta give a shout out to all the folks that ventured out into the weather today.  Yes, it never rains in Southern California but today was an exception.  San Diego had flood warnings and high winds - exciting - weather.

Eight of the library patrons began the first of five series Zentangle classes coming to this branch.
We started out the series with Introduction to Zentangle - the history of this new, unique art method, philosophy and how to create a basic Zentangle tile (that is what the paper we draw on is called).  We had multi-generation ages for class today.  I love that entire families can learn this art method together.  No matter what age - people LOVE Zentangle.

Come to one or all four series: dates
3/9  Beyond Basic Zentangle (a must have class)
4/6 Zentangle Butterfly with Color
5/4 Zentangle Hummingbird
6/1 Zentangle Garden Hand Fan

Side story:  Remember that storm I was talking about at the beginning of the blog?  Well, after class, the sky dump on me while heading to my car with my "buggy" of Zentangle teaching materials.  Luckily I covered the items before heading outside.  The drive home was slow and steady (thank goodness most drivers went slower on the freeway).  I saw folks hydroplane across the freeway in streams of water coming off the banks near by.  Wow.  Weather.  Hope everyone got home safe after class.

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