Friday, February 22, 2019

Found and Tangled at the Library

North Clairemont Library had hearts flying today. 
Seven students braved the oddity weather of hail and rain in San Diego to find art on a old book page.  I bought an OLD book from FRIENDS OF LIBRARY (they support my Zentangle classes). Being the book was older, the pages had a golden, faded color to them.  I released (didn't want to say ripped out - seem sacrilegious to do), a page and we found a phrase, poem, or collage of words - highlighted those words and tangled around them. Since it is still the "LOVE" month with Valentine's Day, we drew three hearts intertwined with Diva Dance pattern around them, and a tangleation of Henna Drum pattern.  


Even without color or words, this art is interesting.

Support your local Friends of Library and check out what the library has to offer.
 You will be surprised.

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