Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hummies came to Visit Kensington Library

The hummingbirds are back from a cold winter - to Kensington/Normal Heights Library.  From the book The Art of Zentangle, we created this whimsical hummingbird for our Zentangle class today. All eight artist enjoyed finding patterns to fill in our string - that happens to look like a hummingbird.  
Below was a "newbie" to Zentangle.  She said "I'm not an artist, I'll sit in the back.  Of course I said this class is for folks like you that are intimidated by art.  This is her art piece. She actually liked black and white (no color).  I always say, you don't need much color with Zentangle.  The patterns speak for themselves.  A little color goes a long way.  She actually decided on a little color for the flowers.


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