Monday, April 8, 2019

Bonita Library Volunteers Receive BIG Thank You

Saturday, April 6th, Bonita library in San Diego county had an early morning brunch for their volunteer's to thank them for all the hours they donated this year. The librarians thought a great way to say thank you was to provide them a Zentangle class.  Boy, were they right.  Just like all my classes, something fresh, new and exciting is always fun to learn. About 26 volunteers enjoyed a heartfelt THANK YOU for all their selfless time given to the library.

THANK YOU Volunteers 

Also:  thank you to Manager-Christopher, Graham, Janet, Rosa (her sister), IT Danny, and the rest of the library staff in hosting a great party for well deserved folks.


FYI - this beautiful library is going to be under going a remodel this June and adding 3,000 square feet.  Wow.  Fantastic.  Have you checked out your local library yet?  They have some amazing events and classes you don't want to miss.

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