Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentine's at Cardiff-by-the Sea Library

Today was a fantastic day to share a Zentangle project at Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  I had to cut my class short and let them color their valentine project with Librarian, Christin,  so I could rush back to hospital.  My daughter was in labor with my very first grandson. I just made it, two hours after I arrived - Baby was born. Thanks Christin for helping out with last part of class.

My Valentine gift this year was a brand new baby boy from my daughter, Crystal and husband Nick.

Bryce Lee Riley - 9 lbs 2/8/20 @ 2:38 pm
Pre and Post  - Ahhhhhhhh
My evening job while proud parents stayed at the hospital was to have a sleep over with their beautiful chocolate and golden Labradors, Marley & Max.  Needless to say - best sleep over ever !!!

Okay back to my class at Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library in San Diego county.

First half of this month is all about Valentine's Day.  

I remember one year as an adult, I didn't have a "valentine", so instead of being sad, I choose to put a positive spin on it.  I sent all my single friends a valentine.  I have to say, that is the one Valentine's Day I will always remember.  

The project for today was a Zentangle Valentine Zendala (in the round). 

The librarian - Christin invited her Mom to join our class.  

I left the center blank to add your own phrase or fill in with another tangle.

Go ahead - try it.  Here are some other Valentine examples.

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  1. Congratulations Grandma Janet on the birth of your 1st grandchild. Everyone is so excited for you and your family. He is just beautiful...