Thursday, June 4, 2015

Students post on a class I taught (Had to share) A+

"Organic Garden" class June 3, 2015

Once again Janet Masey (CZT) has stretched my artistic endeavors with another challenging class!  For this ZIA we were introduced to 16 patterns and 2 embellishments, along with 3 shades of 5" X 7" paper (I chose tan tone), gray pen, white charcoal pencil, and the standard Micron pen, graphite pencil, and "snubber".  

Once we were familiar with the patterns Janet said, "OK, Get started."  

Starting in the "front" and along the "bottom" of the paper I briefly put down a "string" to help locate a few items - like the wall - then picked up my pen and began ... this is the result ...

I'm pleased with this first one.  I didn't use all of the patterns as I wanted to leave a little bit of negative space, and didn't want my garden to look too overgrown and wild!  Can you find the two bijous (snails)??

Everyones turned out differently which was cool!  This is one I will do again, and it will look different each time ... Wonder what it would look like on another color paper?  This would make a nice set of "cards" (Ah ha!  Gift idea!!)  Stay tuned ...

Lynne:  A+  for listening to all the details I mentioned in class.     Janet Masey CZT 

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