Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To My Surprise

On my vacation to Maui this week, we took a day trip to Moloka'i ( a remote island near- not even a stop sign on island).  In one of the little stores I found this treasure and was shocked  and surprised at the same time.  It wasn't really a book, but a couple pages with this cover sheet on top and Title.  I believe a Certified Zentangle Teacher goes to or lives on Mokokai'i is name is Jason Poole I believe. He plays ukulele and hula.  The story goes that he performed when he was attending the seminar to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  HOW COOL IS THAT.  Being a ukulele player and dabble in hula I would have loved to been there.



  1. That is cool that it was drawn by high school students ~ it's everywhere!
    (Did to get it?)

  2. Yes, Four pages for $3 and I bought two and two were left... Always a surprise to find Zentangle anywhere, and on Molokai Island ..... was shocking.