Monday, July 13, 2015

Beyond Basic Zentangle Class

What fun teaching this group of 55+ at San Diego Oasis today. We learned about string theory, different Zentangle tiles to work on (3.5 x, apprentice 4.5 x, black, tan, and Bijou (2x).  We learned and tried some tangleations  (two tangle together) .  Great tiles great fun.  

Tripoli, Cadent, Cubine, Lokomotive practiced 1st.

So quiet as the ladies practice the new tangles.  Ahhhh Zen (tangle)

Monotangle Tripoli tangle on Bijou tile (2 x 2)...

Worked on an apprentice tile today to show bigger isn't scary.
(wait till they see the Opus Tile - that might scare them away at a newbie class)

This is my Step Mom - Sharon...  she is my assistant wth the most'est.
She can set up a document camera/projector and lay out a retail table better/faster than anyone I know.  What would I do without her?  Always a date for lunch/dinner to say "Thank You".

P.S.  She is my next door neighbor too, lucky me

We used Hollibaugh tangle for our string, Cadent tangelation with Betweed (loved that), Bales tangleation with Printemps, Cubine, and Nymph.

Always smiling faces at the end of class......  Thumbs up ladies !!!

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