Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kindegarten Wednesday

Today, Susan Bowden and I were lucky enough to visit a kindergarten class in Escondido CA, We taught 16 kindergarteners (plus two helpers/assistants) the Zentangle art method.     I love five year olds. Corey, the best kindergarten teacher I've ever met, loved all her students art work. Now they can take their "fish" home and share Zentangle with their parents. I'd love to see their parents faces to see what great art work their children designed today at school and it was so easy.

The best part of the morning was when the assistant helpers (they were suppose to walk around and help the younger kids) sat down at the tables with the five year olds and started making a fish too because that's how interesting Zentangle is.  You just want to try it also.

Ms. Janet (CZT) and Ms Chapparone (Teacher)

Look at all the amazing "fish" hands the kids designed.
 Today they learned that anyone can be an artist with the Zentangle Art Method.  

All the kids received a Zentangle Apprentice Certificate for their wonderful work today
Thank you kids for being good listeners.

Today I was impressed with all the five years olds.  They rock !!!

Certified Zentangle Teachers (L) Janet Masey and (R) Susan Bowden.
Thanks for helping Susan !!!


  1. Fun! And the kids work is awesome!!

  2. Thanks Lynne - that means a lot coming from a teacher !!!

    1. Let me know if you want to take on 33 4th graders ;)

    2. Let's talk about this. Interested.