Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Tangles

First tile

Last night I taught an intimate Introduction to Zentangle Art Method class at Beverly's Fabric in San Diego, California.  After learning the history and philosophy that the cofounders of Zentangle Art method -Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas taught at each of their 4day seminar in Providence, Rhode Island to become Certified Zentangje Teachers - the ladies ventured into patterns (tangles) and Leta and Jayne feel in love this evening with the art form.

Rick and Maria took the thought process out of art so you can spend more time enjoying the process of art instead of the "what should I draw" part of art.  Zentangle art looks complicated and intricate like you spent all day drawing yet, can be completed in 15-20 minutes.    Thanks for joining me last night ladies.                          

                                      Have you started your Zentangje Journey yet???

2nd tile 

I taught the exact same tangles to each student and I love that each tile is individual  to that person.  These two tangles are Between and Zander (doesn't Zander make a great border?)  

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