Saturday, July 16, 2016

Zentangle @ the San Diego Zoo and 250 Kids

Today I taught two of my largest Zentangle classes to date at the San Diego Zoo.   Both classes had 125 students in them.  I was warned that the 1, 2 ,3rd graders might be a challenge to keep them, engaged.  I knew better.  
I began the class by teaching the Zentangle Art Method.  When I teach Zentangle, I always ask them "who thinks art is hard"?  Usually,  most of  the kids (and adults for that matter),  raised their hands.  When I told them I was going to show them how to take the hard out of art, I saw lots of smiles.  After the 40 minute class...learning new patterns, we call them, " tangles"  and placing the tangles  in "sections" the kids fell in love with Zentangle.  As the large group left the auditorium,  they held their art up to me and said "thank you, I love Zentangle". They were so proud of their art.
  Ahhhhh I love teaching Zentangle to the kids.  Can't wait to go back next week.

Can you say "Zentangle"?
      My View

The kids view

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