Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Morning with Kaiser Pediatric Unit @ Zoo and Zentangle®

I spent this beautiful Saturday morning at the San Diego Zoo teaching Zentangle®.  Not only did I enjoy the ambience of the largest Zoo in the world, but also their celebration of the Zoo's 100th year anniversary. Happy Anniversary San Diego Zoo. 

Today, the Zoo welcomed 40 pediatric kids from Kaiser and their siblings and parents.  After being introduced to many of the familys at the entrance of the Zoo, we enjoyed a lovely stroll thru the Zoo to the Education Center, where they served a continental breakfast with coffee, and juice and had a event schedule of fun activities, art, animal experience and of course, Zentangle !!!

I have to say the moment I stepped onto the Zoo property,  the staff was delightful.   The Zoo educators and Zoo employees that run the event  are so giving to the Kaiser family's.  The Zoo has been hosting this wonderful experience for the kids and family for nine years.  Thanks to Staci, Rachelle, and all the other Zoo employees along with the Kaiser Administrator for the event - Lisa plus the beautiful families they invited.   I had a smile on my face all morning long. There were even two Ramona Pageant winners there to volunteer (tiara's and all).   The girls were so beautiful and sweet.  Thanks girls

Today we celebrated Zen Day at the Zoo.  After breakfast, Joe (the art teacher that has been teaching art at the Zoo - I was told "forever"),  provided tiles, bushes and paint for the kids to paint or draw a special tile.  Joe was a great guy and super positive with the kids.  You could tell many of the kids had been to this event before and all enjoyed Joe, and this day  special especially just for them.   Boy, did I see some great art for this project too.

I was lucky to be invited to introduce the kids and family to the Zentangle Art Method today.  Zentangle fit perfect for their Zen Day at Zoo.  Not only does Zentangle create a beautiful piece of art, but durng the process you relax, and get a sense of well-being - healing art. A great experience for the families to have a focus away from their issues at hand and the whole family has something they can enjoy together.

We tangled a elephant and wow, did I see some nice art (some great adult art also).  The kids as well as the adults got the "ah ha" moment as we all have gotten after they see the concept of Zentangle.  I told them they could make their own coloring books with the Zentangle method.  They were sent them home with homework to color their art.

Thank you San Diego Zoo, Kaiser Pediatric Unit, and Zentangle for providing a heart felt day for me and all that contributed and attended.  I hope I am invited back for another feel good morning. 

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