Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday Yen and Yang Zentangle® Day

Opposites attract like our class - Yen & Yang today at Beverly's Fabric.  When you put two colors together - like the extreme opposites - black and white, you get a great contrast.  Being a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, we are always talking about contrast when you pick and choose your tangles, paper or your drawing implements.

This great project brought paper and pen to the opposites to give this piece great "contrast". 

I choose Yen and Yang (ZIA -  Zentangle Inspired Art) for the class title and literally went with the Giant Panda bear (since I am teaching Zentangle classes at the San Diego Zoo this summer),  I have Zoo animals on the brain.

A couple shy gals for picture taking, but their work was fantastic. Sorry Janice, your panda bear didn't get upright.  We had two newbie's to Zentangle today and they did fantastic. They will be signing up for a Introduction to Zentangle class this month. 

So many folks think when they have been "tangling" what they learned in a book or on the Internet, think they don't need a beginner Zentangle class.  I usually tell students when they tell me this, come to my Introduction class, and if you don't learn a lot more information than you know now, I'll return your class tuition.  To this day, no one has asked for their money back and have thanked me for how much more they learned.  You need a  class from a CZT.  We will show so much more than a book or Internet can.  Rick and Maria (the co-founders we took the four day seminar with) were the designers of this art.  There is so much more to Zentangle than just lines and circles. 

Take a class from a CZT and see for yourself.!!!

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