Friday, July 29, 2016

Janet's Zentangle Zoo at San Diego Zoo

Tangling today at the SD Zoo before "Janet's Zentangle Zoo" first class of 125 3-5th graders..   Ahhhhhh feel the Zen?

Today we tangled a giraffe head for both classes.  Some of these 1,2,3rd graders did amazing work.   I'll try to get a couple kids pics next class!!!   One little 6 year old told me he was a professional artist because he sold his art (my husband thought maybe his uncle bought it) - but you never know. I guess I should have gotten his autograph.
Not having taught 125 kids, twice in one day, I'm still impressed that Zentangle keeps all those kids engaged for 40 minutes.  After class one little boy will ask if he can take my art work home.  Kids are adorable and fun to teach.  What I learned today, don't ask 125 kids a questions.  They all answer at once.  Lesson learned...

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