Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Crest Library Meets Zentangle Art Method


        Look at this cute little library in San Diego County, Crest Branch
Just up on the hill from El Cajon near San Diego, Calif.

Meet Paula, the Library Branch Manager and Associate Librarian.  They had to be the friendliest librarians ever !!  Look at those faces.  Thank you for inviting me to teach Crest's older American's - Zentangle.

I love when a man joins my class.  Zentangle isn't a craft.. it is an art.  Guys really get into the line drawing. I remember one man in particular came up after class and looked me straight in the eye and said  "I really like this".  He was so sincere. 


I always get a "hangs up" for Zentangle after class.  Thanks Crest Library.  Let's do it again !!
Since Crest is a bit of a drive for me... my hubby, Mr. Wonderful "Tom" and my step mom, Sharon,
came with me to enjoy a beautiful drive up the windy road, high up on a hill with a spectacular view. Before class started we had a little time to drive around their small, quaint town.  Last time I was in Crest was when my girl friend lived there "many many" years old. A lovely drive.

The truth is that Tom and Sharon know if they come and help me set up.... I will feed them after.
Tom had a great idea to visit one of our favorite restaurants in El Cajon, Calif. 
Por Favor Mexican Food -- great patio with misters.  
A little tid bit story...  when I was performing on a clogging group --- way before Zentangle,
one of the places we performed each year was at the El Cajon's International Festival. 
After the festival we would go to Por Favor Restaurant and cool down after dancing.
If you haven't been there... go. .  Thanks for the memories Crest Library,  great drive and fun class.
                                                         Can you find me in the pictures? 


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