Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Diva Challenge #316

Weekly Challenge #316: String Theory - Stripes!This is one of my favourite challenges... i so love coming back to it and revisiting it!!  For this week - create your string using stripes! They can be varying widths, they don't have to be uniform or even... basically anything goes as long as it's stripes.

Well, it took me all week to complete and I had one hour to spare.  Whew.  I traced my hand drew "stripes" across the page and used a different tangle one each stripes. I used graphite to shade the outline my hand. 

I often use this idea when teaching kids.  



  1. You have the same idea implemented as me with a great result :-)
    Gudrun S.

  2. Wow, a wonderful multitude of tangles, like a cozy quilt with the folds of your hand. Very inspiring!

  3. Fabulous idea! I love all the variety of tangles! Such a joy to look at!