Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekly Diva Challenge #317

Weekly Challenge #317: "Photo Tangles"

Diva challenge idea this week is to use an image as your string  " I sometimes find that shiny magazine paper doesn't really play well with Microns.  Copy image and  cut out and glue onto tile." The basic premise here is to use the image as your string and tangle around it.

My tile below:

Since Memorial Day is right around the corner, I thought a military image with tangles would be appropriate.  A great change to thank all those for their services.  We appreciate our freedom because of you !!!



  1. A really great and bold tile. Super.

  2. A wonderful and thoughtful tribute!

  3. I am not American but you have my full support. This is a meaningful tile and I hope lots of military people will see it.

  4. I love that you have honored our servicemen this way.

  5. What a terrific way to honour your troupes! Wonderful!