Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fallbrook Library Teen Zentangle Class 6/26/17

After a lovely drive into north county San Diego yesterday,  through Avocado groves and beautiful country side, I arrived at my destination - Fallbrook Library.  When I arrived and went inside I couldn't believe my eyes.  Hidden away in  such a rural area was the prettiest library I've been to in San Diego.  I have taught Zentangle classes at many wonderful libraries in San Diego over the past year but this library was gorgeous.  From the beautiful art, to the centers of many interests, and the friendly staff.  What a perfect place and day to "tangle". 

This class was with the teens of Fallbrook.  They learned the history, the concept and ease of this amazing art method.  After completing a "tile" we ventured into a fun project where we inserted our "tangles" (patterns) into a animal. 

Let me describe a typical class.  When students come into room they will hear instrumental Hawaiian slack key music playing softly in the background.  I ask everyone to take a deep breath and start their Zentangle journey.  The rest of the class is quiet as I instruct how to apply structured patterns they will learn.  When you put paper to pen, you get out of your head (healing art or happy place).  That's why Zentangle is called "yoga for the brain". 

Thanks for join me today teens and starting your Zentangle journey.

Check out some of the art in the library.  Oh, they had a living roof also.  Such a cool library.



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