Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First Zentangle Class at Oasis New Location

 Today, 6/28/17, was my first Zentangle class at the new location for San Diego Oasis.  What a beautiful art room they provided for us art teachers.  Thank you Oasis.

They have all the latest technology for set for the projector and lots of tables and chairs for students.  As I walked to my classroom, I saw other classes getting ready to start.  The two lecture rooms were filling up, the other classrooms the teachers were preparing for their class. 

What a great place to teach Zentangle.  Thank you Oasis for a lovely place to share The Zentangle Method.

This picture was from the grand opening recently.  Wow, about 700 folks.

Our class tiles we "tangled" today. 
If you haven't seen their catalog, pick one up at new location, or
go online and see all the amazing classes for folks 50 and up. 

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