Monday, June 19, 2017

Lakeside Library Tangled Up In Zentangle

Lakeside Library (East County, San Diego, California) got all tangled up in ZENTANGLE ART METHOD 6/17/17.   Guys, kids, adults and seniors joined me to see what Zentangle is all about.
(Love it when boys/guys come to my class.  I think they like it better than girls/women)
This summer,  I will be teaching at about 30 libraries in San Diego (city/county).  Thank you libraries for inviting me to teach Zentangle.   Folks need to know about this wonderful, unique, interesting art method that takes the "hard" out of art.  
If you have been intimidated by art in the past - this art method is for you.  If you have said --- I can't draw -  this art method is for you.  If you can draw a circle and a straight line... you can "tangle".
Zentangle is an easy art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  The extra special thing that happens during the process of drawing - you relax, focus and get into sense of well-being - healing art.  
Look on my blog home page for a library near you this summer and join me.  The class is no fee to participates.
You can also join me at one of my other locations.  Those two-hour classes come with a fee and materials included.



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