Thursday, August 30, 2018

Champagne Village Gets Zentangle'ized

I've been to Lawrence Welk Resort in San Diego, California  I'm actually a timeshare owner.  Suzie, from the Champagne Village (55 plus resort next to Lawrence Welk invited me to share Zentangle in their community room.

Eighteen of us tangled and learned about this new secret gem art method.  I love to share the "ah-ha" moment when everyone in the rooms realized Zentangle art method takes the HARD out of art. Everyone can enjoy the fun and beauty of creating something intricate and complicated looking but easy enough for kids to do.

When will you start your Zentangle journey?  Let's set up a class for your group/event.

Thanks ladies... fun group.

Simple string and some fun patterns (we call them tangles) and wha la- beautiful abstract basic Zentangle art.

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