Thursday, August 2, 2018

Koi Zen Cellars Winery Uncork and Unwind with Zentangle

This is Lisa Miller.  Her and her husband, Darius, own Koi Zen Cellars Winery in Carmel Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA.  The   winery has a Zen feel with a Koi pond and fountains.  Namasta

One my good friends, Barbara, is a member at this winery.  She mentioned to Lisa about Zentangle. Lisa was intrigued.  With the name Koi Zen - it made perfect sense that Zentangle and Koi Zen winery would be a perfect fit.  I met with Lisa at their beautiful winery and demonstrated the art method.   We scheduled a class that day.  

Last night we had a packed house with 20 wine lovers eager to learn something new.  Zentangle is a secret gem.  Not many folks know about this new, unique art method.  

The class fee included two Zentangle projects and a complimentary glass of Koi Zen wine.  The first hour, I taught Introduction to Zentangle, then took a break for another delicious glass of vino, then continued on with a fun ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) tortoise.  

This was some to the students first tile.  Zentangle is typical black and white with abstract feel.  This helps you stay in a meditative state when their is no direction but drawing structured patterns.

We had several groups come to class  This was the meet up group "Active Lifestyle Nerds".  They even brought the perfect addition to the evening:  cheese, crackers and grapes.  Thanks Melody - the organizer - for bringing your group.

This table was my friend, Barb's, yoga group. Thanks Barb.

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