Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Words Found at Kensington/Normal Heights Library

Found and Tangled was our class today at this sweet, quaint Kensington/Normal Heights library in the middle of San Diego. What a fun class with eleven wordy students.  

The mission was to take an OLD book page and find a poem/phrase/collage of words, and then tangle.  So much fun to see all the beautiful results.

Allison and Terry joined us again today.

As well, as Kathy, Jackie, Judy, Kim & Kathy. Did you notice this line of folks were all K & J names.

Also in the house today was Janice, Mimi and newbie Monica.

Sunny brings her love and humor to class

Zentangle has no eraser, no rulers, and no mistakes. I won't say who, but during the first part of class,  someone really didn't like their piece and wasn't happy.  I tell folks that you don't know what you have till you complete it.  Later in class I was able to tell her that her piece stood out with unique beautiful and her "mistakes" were the highlight of her page. 

Notice a little color goes a long way in Zentangle.  The patterns speak loudly and color isn't needed.  In this case, we used color to highlight their beautiful phrase of words.  That was fun to have each person share the words they found today. 

They got me in the picture - across top back:  me, Kim, Jackie and Judy.
Thanks Judy, for sharing Zentangle with your friends and sending them to a class.
By the way, you have great friends, just like yourself.

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