Friday, November 22, 2019

Nothing Scary About This Scarecrow

The monthly Zentangle class at North Clairemont Library in San Diego, CA, we created a Fall Scarecrow Coloring Page. I promote not having to purchase coloring books, but design your own page with the Zentangle Method if you like coloring.   Typically Zentangle classes don't include much coloring.  The patterns speak for theirselves.  Being a meditative art method, when you add color, you have to think, what type of color, how many colors, where to put the colors, what colors work well together?  No so meditative - actually a little stressful. Coloring adds time to a class - I'd rather teach "tangles". So many tangles, so little time..

 When I design this adorable little guy - I just had to teach as a class.  It took me back to my tole painting classes when I was in my 20's. A long time ago.

Whether you choose to leave black and white with shading, or color in  - still is adorable.

Below, Julie and Stephanie (if my memory doesn't fail me),  was their first Zentangle class.  They did a great job. 

Zentangle was design for those intimidated by art.  Every class is not difficult even if you haven't had the basic Zentangle class.  I would encourage you to take because you learn so much about the background of this amazing secret gem.

Happy Thanksgiving Tanglers

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