Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Location to Teach At - Zentangle® at Oasis - North County @ Escondido Joselyn Senior Center

Today I welcomed seven more lucky folks into the world of Zentangle !!!  I've been asked to teach Zentangle Art Method in the north county area of San Diego for a while, it was worth the drive.  It never gets old sharing the Zentangle Art Method.  I mean.... look at those smiles. 

A lot of people think Zentangle is just glorified doodling.  Doodling is mindless (often drawing the same type design (squares/triangles/circles) while doing something else - phone call, listen at school, etc.  However,  Zentangle is mindful.  When you put pen to the paper you get out of your head and focus on the strokes you are drawing.... "art therapy".   During that process you create something intricate and complicated looking yet easy enough for most anyone (even children) to create. Anything is possible one stroke at a time®. 

Don't knock Zentangle until you have had a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  We were taught from the co-founders all the detailed instruction that will make your art pieces pop more than just learning from a book or the Internet.  I've had several emails from folks saying they don't need the Introduction class because they have been taught on the Internet or from a book.  Trust me.... take a Introduction Class from a CZT.  I will tell all of them I will give you your money back for the class if you think it was a waste of time. To this day,  I never have given any money back yet. 

The secret of Zentangle is Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (the co-founders) found a way to take the "hard" out of art and create something that looks amazing.

Back to my class:  
Didn't they do a good job.....  "high five" Kaye, Nancy, Maryanne, Ann, Cathy, Jennifer and Joan.

Great group of ladies.....Joan is missing - she had to leave early for a vacation in Hawaii.  One of my favorite places.  She was excited that she will be able to "tangle" on her trip. 

Welcome to Zentangle ladies.

Have you got your Zentangle journey started?
If you live near the San Diego area, check out my classes coming up. 

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