Friday, January 29, 2016

What now, after I had the Zentangle Introduction Class ??????

Zentangle and BEYOND !!!

What now after Introduction to Zentangle Class?  Run don't walk to a Beyond Basic Class.  Here you will graduation from kindergarten and really start having fun with this art form.  Now that you have the introduction out of the way let's create more detailed pieces.

I will teach you more string theory (what's in a string - a lot), embellishments (make that tangle pop), shading (the 3rd color), tangleations, tango's, and more complex patterns (tangles).  This class will have you thinking way beyond the simple tile we learned in Introduction to Zentangle.  A MUST 2nd CLASS.  Come, let me show more fun exciting ways to enjoy this art form. 

If you live in the San Diego California area, check out my classes or find a Certified Zentangle Teacher in your area. 

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